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Information for Authors

Due to the incredible number of requests we receive, the following policy has been implemented to streamline the process to getting new publications listed on our website. We review each publication before listing it on our website as a resource for victims or professionals. Exceptions are made if the author is well-known in the field (i.e. Lundy Bancroft, Frank Ascione, etc.) or if recommended by any of the vast network of professionals we interact with regularly.

If you are a first time author and would like your publication listed on our site, please send one copy of the publication for review to:

AARDVARC.org, Inc.
606 Calibre Crest Parkway, #103
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Please include a resume, biography, or just a letter letting us know a bit about your background and what led you to publish your work. If your publication is NOT available via commercial outlets such as Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble, please include ordering information so we can provide it to our readers. All items submitted will be added to our victim support library (we loan copies to other programs and frequently use them for reference when adding sections to the website) and thus will NOT be returned.

For those of you publishing for the first time, especially if your work is in the vein of "my story" as opposed to a scholarly study, research report, textook, or outside the realm of your career in the topic matter, we cannot stress enough that although your story and what you have to share with others always has value, we've seen WAY too many aspiring authors spend a lot of money out of their own pockets to publish and print their story, only to end up selling to friends, family, and perhaps persons in their immediate support group (church, social networks, etc.) and ending up with boxes of unsold product sitting in the garage. So BEFORE you invest that kind of money, we strongly recommend that you consider publishing via an electronic medium FIRST, as a gage of what kind of sales level you might expect. This route also has the benefit of a MUCH broader exposure to your work than you can realistically hope to achieve on your own.

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Last Updated: March 3, 2011