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If you have a current Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) from a court against your abuser, or if your abuser has been convicted of a felony or domestic violence misdemeanor, then Federal law states that it is illegal for your abuser to buy or have a gun in their possession.

You MUST ASK THE JUDGE to specifically write in your order that the abuser cannot buy or have a gun while the order is in effect and to require that your abuser to give any guns to the police, or require the police to go to the abuser's house and get them. The guns then go to either the county sheriff or court clerk of stolen property. The district attorney in the county where the gun(s) was taken away can then file to have them destroyed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the domestic violence agency in your area immediately.

Mississippi Domestic Violence Advocates & Support Contacts
STATEWIDE Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Mississippi Adult Protective Services
Adams CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Alcorn CountyS.A.F.E.800-527-7233
Amite CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Attala CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Benton CountyS.A.F.E.800-527-7233
Bolivar CountyCatherine Booth Center800-898-0834
Calhoun CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Carroll CountyCatherine Booth Center800-898-0834
Chicksaw CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Choctaw CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Claiborne CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Clarke CountyCare Lodge601-693-4673
Clay CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Coahoma CountyDV Project800-227-5764
Copiah CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Covington CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
DeSoto CountyDV Project800-227-5764
Forrest CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Franklin CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
George CountyWomen's Center800-800-1396
Greene CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Grenada CountyCatherine Booth Center800-898-0834
Hinds County Center for Violence Prevention 800-266-4198
Holmes CountyCatherine Booth Center800-898-0834
Hancock CountyWomen's Center800-800-1396
Harrison CountyWomen's Center800-800-1396
Humphreys CountyCatherine Booth Center800-898-0834
Issaqena County Catholic Charities
Center for Violence Prevention
Itawamba CountyS.A.F.E.800-527-7233
Jackson CountyWomen's Center800-800-1396
Jasper CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Jefferson CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Jefferson Davis CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Jones CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Kemper CountyCare Lodge601-693-4673
Lafayette CountyFamily Crisis Services800-230-9929
Lamar CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Lauderdale CountyCare Lodge601-693-4673
Lawrence CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Leake CountyCare Lodge601-693-4673
Lee CountyS.A.F.E.800-527-7233
Leflore CountyCatherine Booth Center800-898-0834
Lincoln CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Lowndes CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Madison County Catholic Charities
Center for Violence Prevention
Marion CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Marshall CountyDV Project800-227-5764
Monroe CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Montgomery CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Neshoba CountyCare Lodge601-693-4673
Newton CountyCare Lodge601-693-4673
Noxubee CountyCare Lodge601-693-4673
Oktibbeha CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Panola CountyDV Project800-227-5764
Pearl River CountyWomen's Center800-800-1396
Perry CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Pike CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Pontotoc CountyS.A.F.E.800-527-7233
Prentiss CountyS.A.F.E.800-527-7233
Quitman CountyDV Project800-227-5764
Rankin CountyCatholic Charities
Center for Violence Prevention
Scott CountyCare Lodge601-693-4673
Sharkey CountyResource Center Network
Center for Violence Prevention
Simpson County Catholic Charities
Center for Violence Prevention
Smith CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Stone CountyWomen's Center800-800-1396
Sunflower CountyCatherine Booth Center800-898-0834
Tallahatchie CountyDV Project800-227-5764
Tate CountyDV Project800-227-5764
Tippah CountyS.A.F.E.800-527-7233
Tishomingo CountyS.A.F.E.800-527-7233
Tunica CountyDV Project800-227-5764
Union CountyS.A.F.E.800-527-7233
Warren CountyHaven House
Center for Violence Prevention
Washington CountyCatherine Booth Center800-898-0834
Walthall CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Wayne CountyDomestic Abuse Shelter800-649-1092
Webster CountySafe Haven800-890-6040
Wilkinson CountyGuardian Shelter800-273-6938
Winston CountyCare Lodge601-693-4673
Yalobusha CountyDV Project800-227-5764
Yazoo CountyHaven House
Center for Violence Prevention

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Last Updated: March 3, 2011