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Hearts United
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Nebraska Women's Law:
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NEBRASKA: Domestic Violence Resources


If you have a current Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) from a court against your abuser, or if your abuser has been convicted of a felony or domestic violence misdemeanor, then Federal law states that it is illegal for your abuser to buy or have a gun in their possession.

You MUST ASK THE JUDGE to specifically write in your order that the abuser cannot buy or have a gun while the order is in effect and to require that your abuser to give any guns to the police, or require the police to go to the abuser's house and get them. The guns then go to either the county sheriff or court clerk of stolen property. The district attorney in the county where the gun(s) was taken away can then file to have them destroyed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the domestic violence agency in your area immediately.

Nebraska Domestic Violence Advocates & Support Contacts
Statewide Nebraska Domestic Violence Coalition
Address Confidentiality Program
Nebraska Crime Commission
Nebraska Coalition for Victim Assistance
Nebraska Crime Victims' Reparations Board
Nebraska Child Abuse Hotline
US District Attorney Victim Advocate
Adams CountySpouse Abuse Center402-463-4677
Antelope CountyBright Horizons402-379-3798
Arthur CountySandhills Crisis Intervention308-284-6055
Banner CountyDV Emergency Services308-436-4357
Blaine CountyDomestic Abuse Center800-942-4040
Boone CountyCenter for Survivors800-658-4482
Boyd CountyBright Horizons402-379-3798
Box Butte CountyFamily Rescue Services308-432-4113
Brown CountyQuad County Task Force402-376-2045
Buffalo CountyS.A.F.E. Center308-237-2599
Burt CountyCrisis Center800-479-6221
Butler CountyCenter for Survivors800-658-4482
Cass CountyDomestic Abuse Program800-523-3666
Cedar CountyHaven House800-440-4633
Chase CountyDomestic Abuse Services308-345-5534
Cherry CountyQuad County Task Force402-376-2045
Cheyenne CountyDV Emergency Services308-436-4357
Clay CountySpouse Abuse Center402-463-4677
Colfax CountyCenter for Survivors800-658-4482
Cuming CountyCrisis Center800-479-6221
Custer CountyDomestic Abuse Center800-942-4040
Dakota CountyHaven House800-440-4633
Dawes CountyFamily Rescue Services308-432-4113
Dawson CountyParent-Child Center800-215-3040
Deuel CountySandhills Crisis Intervention308-284-6055
Dixon CountyHaven House800-440-4633
Dodge CountyCrisis Center800-479-6221
Douglas CountyWomen Against Violence402-345-7273
Dundee CountyDomestic Abuse Services308-345-5534
Fillmore CountyBlue Valley Crisis800-876-6238
Franklin CountyS.A.F.E. Center308-237-2599
Frontier CountyDomestic Abuse Services308-345-5534
Furnas CountyDomestic Abuse Services308-345-5534
Gage CountyBlue Valley Crisis800-876-6238
Garden CountySandhills Crisis Intervention308-284-6055
Garfield CountyDomestic Abuse Center800-942-4040
Gosper CountyParent-Child Center800-215-3040
Grant CountySandhills Crisis Intervention308-284-6055
Greeley CountyDomestic Abuse Center800-942-4040
Hall CountyThe Crisis Center308-381-0555
Hamilton CountyThe Crisis Center308-381-0555
Harlan CountyS.A.F.E. Center308-237-2599
Hayes CountyDomestic Abuse Services308-345-5534
Hitchcock CountyDomestic Abuse Services308-345-5534
Holt CountyBright Horizons402-379-3798
Hooker CountyDomestic Abuse Program308-534-3495
Howard CountyThe Crisis Center308-381-0555
Jefferson CountyBlue Valley Crisis800-876-6238
Johnson CountyProject Response800-456-5764
Keith CountySandhills Crisis Intervention308-284-6055
Kerney CountyS.A.F.E. Center308-237-2599
Keya Paha CountyQuad County Task Force402-376-2045
Kimball CountyDV Emergency Services308-436-4357
Knox CountyBright Horizons402-379-3798
Lancaster CountySpouse Abuse Center402-475-7273
Lincoln CountyDomestic Abuse Program308-534-3495
Logan CountyDomestic Abuse Program308-534-3495
Loup CountyDomestic Abuse Center800-942-4040
Madison CountyBright Horizons402-379-3798
McPherson CountyDomestic Abuse Program308-534-3495
Merrick CountyThe Crisis Center308-381-0555
Morrill CountyDV Emergency Services308-436-4357
Nance CountyCenter for Survivors800-658-4482
Nemaha CountyProject Response800-456-5764
Nuckolls CountySpouse Abuse Center402-463-4677
Otoe CountyProject Response800-456-5764
Pawnee CountyProject Rsponse800-456-5764
Perkins CountySandhills Crisis Intervetion308-284-6055
Phelps CountyS.A.F.E. Center308-237-2599
Pierce CountyBright Horizons402-379-3798
Platte CountyCenter for Survivors800-658-4482
Polk CountyCenter for Survivors800-658-4482
Red Willow CountyDomestic Abuse Services308-345-5534
Richardson CountyProject Response800-456-5764
Rock CountyQuad County Task Force402-376-2045
Saline CountyBlue Valley Crisis800-876-6238
Sarpy CountyDomestic Abuse Program800-523-3666
Saunders CountyCrisis Center800-479-6221
Scotts Bluff CountyDV Emergency Services308-436-4357
Seward CountyBlue Valley Crisis800-876-6238
Sheridan CountyFamily Rescue Services308-432-4113
Sherman CountyDomestic Abuse Center800-942-4040
Siox CountyFamily Rescue Services308-432-4113
Stanton CountyBright Horizons402-379-3798
Thayer CountyBlue Valley Crisis800-876-6238
Thomas CountyDomestic Abuse Program308-534-3495
Thurston CountyHaven House800-440-4633
Valley CountyDomestic Abuse Center800-942-4040
York CountyBlue Valley Crisis800-876-6238
Washington CountyCrisis Center800-479-6221
Wayne CountyHaven House800-440-4633
Webster CountySpouse Abuse Center402-463-4677
Wheeler CountyDomestic Abuse Center800-942-4040

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