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Domestic Violence Resources for Law Enforcement

A Guide to Domestic Violence: Risk Assessment, Risk Reduction, and Safety Plan
From the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Chicago Heights, Illinois, Domestic Violence Unit: A Process Evaluation

Child Witnesses to Domestic Violence (PDF)
From the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information

Children and Domestic Violence: Challenges for Prosecutors (PDF)
From the U.S. Department of Justice, November 2000

Collaborative Effort and the Effectiveness of Law Enforcement Training Toward Resolving Domestic Violence (PDF)
By Martha Smithey Ph.D., Susanne Green MA, Andrew Giacomazzi Ph.D. - January 2002

Community Policing to Prevent Violence Against Women
Produced by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF). This document is a training manual provided by PERF to advocates, police, social service providers, and other violence-against-women professionals. It is a resource guide for community-policing approaches to reducing and preventing violence-against-women.

Creating a Structured Decision-Making Model for Police Intervention in Intimate Partner Violence (PDF)
by Madeline Wordes Ph.D. - Research for the National Institute of Justice. June 2000.

Criminal Prosecution of Domestic Violence
Author: Linda A. McGuire, Esq. for BWJP. This article identifies appropriate goals to be pursued in woman battering and the special challenges these cases present to prosecutors. It offers guidelines for improving collaboration between prosecutors and advocates.

Creating an Effective Stalking Protocol (PDF)
From the National Center for Victims of Crime.

Domestic Violence: Best Practices for Law Enforcement Response (PDF)
A model policy under the Violence Against Women Act from the North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission Violence Against Women Committee. Includes 911 dispatch protocols and protocols for officers involved in domestic violence.

Domestic Violence by Police Officers (PDF)
Domestic violence policy and commentary by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Domestic Violence Community Policing Resources (Word Document)
Author: Carol Sullivan, Transforming Communities - Marin Abused Women’s Services, and Jane Sadusky, Battered Women's Justice Project. A bibliography of articles, books, pamphlets, booklets, handouts, handbooks and manuals. Plus, policies and protocols, training curricula, videos, software and internet sites.

Domestic Violence Operations Manual (PDF). From the San Diego Police Dept. Useful for agencies considering starting a new unit or revamping an existing unit.

Domestic Violence Policy
From the Metro Nashville PD. Excellent model for law enforcement agencies. Covers communication, documentation, response, investigation, arrest determination, victim assistance, weapons seizure, protection orders, stalking and procedures for department personnel involved in domestic violence.

Effects of Arrest on Intimate Partner Violence: New Evidence From the Spouse Assault Replication Program (PDF)
2001 research brief from NIJ

Enforcement of Protection Orders
Provides an overview of state laws and current issues related to the enforcement of protective orders.This bulletin and the others in the Legal Series highlight various circumstances in which such laws are applied, emphasizing their successful implementation.

A Judge's Bench Card Regarding Full Faith and Credit
From The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges A publication designed to help judges understand the necessary steps to supporting implementation of the Full Faith and Credit Provision of the Violence Against Women Act.

Model Domestic Violence Policy for Counties (Word document)
From New York State OPDV. This model domestic violence policy is offered as a tool providing additional guidance to county communities in their efforts to strengthen responses to domestic violence. Includes sections on: Definitions, Problem Statement, Purpose and Policy Statement, Guiding Principles, Employers, Criminal Justice, Legal, and Judicial Systems, Health Care System, Substance Abuse Treatment System, Child Welfare System, Mental Health System, Primary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Education Systems.

Model Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Policy from the Kentucky Governor's Office of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Services.

Model Domestic Violence Policies and Procedures from the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Wisconsin Crime Victims Council (November 2002).

Model Code on Domestic and Family Violence (PDF) from the Conrad Hilton Foundation, Family Violence Project and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

Police Use of Domestic Violence Information Systems, Final Report (PDF)
2000 report for the Seattle Police Department documenting the domestic violence data collection schemes of other departments including Nashville, Chicago and Miami for prioritizing cases for response, treatment, investigation or prosecution; improving evidence collection and identifying high-risk cases.

Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence: A Law Enforcement Officer's Guide to Enforcing Orders of Protection
This document reviews the full faith and credit component of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act. It provides crucial information on orders of protection for law enforcement officers who play a significant role in stopping domestic violence. This project was supported by a Cooperative Agreement awarded by the Violence Against Women Grants Office, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, to the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

The Role of Judges in Enforcing Full Faith and Credit
Author: Susan B. Carbon, Peter C. MacDonald, Michael Town, Mary T. Wynne. It is incumbent upon judges to ensure that the process of issuing valid protection orders meets the constitutional requirements of due process so as to ensure that those orders are enforceable nationwide. This chapter defines a valid protection order and delineates the judge's role in both certification of compliance and enforcement of VAWA across state and tribal jurisdictions.

Spouse Assault Replication Program: Studies of Effects of Arrest on Domestic Violence (PDF)
By Arlene Weisz for VAWnet. A summary of studies sponsored by the National Institute of Justice on arrest policies for misdemeanor domestic assault. The studies attempt to replicate the Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment conducted in 1984 which found that arrest was almost twice as effective as other police actions in preventing re-arrest. The document reviews methodologies used in the studies, summarizes the findings, and offers major criticisms of the studies.

Stalking & Domestic Violence: A Report to Congress from the Department of Justice, Violence Against Women Office, May 2001 (PDF)
Cyberstalking, Law Enforcement and Prosecution Response to Stalking, and Legislative Approaches to Stalking.

Working Effectively with the Police: A Guide for Battered Women's Advocates
Revised August 2001. Battered women's advocates and police departments in several jurisdictions have been successful in developing a more effective police response to domestic assault cases. This article highlights information advocates need in order to work collaboratively and effectively with police officers and other law enforcement personnel. The author discusses the changes police officers have made regarding when and how they arrest, investigate, write reports, and how they work with and support prosecutors and victim advocates. A cooperative project of Violence Against Women Office and Minnesota Center Against Violence & Abuse at the University of Minnesota.

Video: Till Death - Domestic Violence Stalker series
This training includes effective intervention strategies used around the country in both urban and rural areas, to reduce domestic violence homicides and improve the safety of victims and their children. It includes information on establishing a coordinated community response to the issues of domestic violence and stalking.

Video: Anne O'Dells Domestic Violence series
This four video set comes with a manual and sample domestic violence report. Although, they were primarily created for law enforcement, they are designed to "stand alone" without a live presenter and can be used in the training of prosecutors, probation, judges, victim services personnel, volunteers, dispatchers, medical personnel, educators, etc. This is vital training which will enlighten, inspire, motivate and enhance the work you do with victims, batterers, and/or their children.