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The Truth About Rape
The Truth
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Sexual Assault: Myths & FAQ

Doesn't rape only happen to women who put themselves in bad situations?

First, rape doesn't only happen to women. Second, statistically a person in this country is sexually assaulted about every 8 minutes. Most are victims of someone they know and trust, and often in their own homes.

But nice girls don't get raped.

No woman, no victim, chooses to be raped. All types of people are attacked by rapists - including all social classes, economic classes, ages, genders, and races.

Isn't rape really just due to guys getting really excited and carried away?

There's nothing romantic about sexual assault. Love and intimacy aren't expressed through non-consentual sex, force, power or humiliation. Rape is an aggressive and hostile act, not uncontrollable passion.

Did you see how she was dressed - don't you think she was just asking for it?

Everyone has the right to dress as they please. Consentual sex requires communication and approval from the parties involved. Dressing in a sexy outfit is a way to get attention, but no outfit or manner of dress is a green light to sex or some blanket authorization to touch another party without their approval (also known as BATTERY). Just check your state statutes on sexual assault - I guarantee you that there is NO clause that says non-consentual sex is allowed if the victim is wearing something suggestive.

Don't most women only cry rape to get men in trouble as a type of revenge for something else?

As with any crime, there will always be false reports. Most often, false reports come from partners (male and female) who regret a consentual encounter after the fact, are afraid that their regular partner will find out they are cheating, or their parents finding out that they are sexually active and many other reasons. Casual sex with someone outside of a strongly bonded relationship (like marriage) is always an open door to possible accusations. Rape can (and does) even occur within marriage.

If it was her husband, it's not really rape.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions contributing to the sexual abuse of women in marriages. Marriage is a sacred partnership, it's NOT a contract of ownership. No man OWNS a women - regardless of how often he tells her so. No person OWES sex to another. Rape is NOT a marital right to the body of one's spouse and it can be prosecuted successfully as a crime.

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Last Updated: March 16, 2011