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Poetry & Writings

Warning: Selections here may address issues ranging from self-injury to emotional abuse to extreme physical and sexual abuse. Please be aware that some selections deal with themes of an adult nature and may be triggering to some readers. We strongly recommend having access to your support system before engulfing yourself in what can be an extreme emotional adventure.

Featured Selections

Todays Woman Poetry Award

This section showcases some of the best and most requested pieces of one of our site's founders. All work copyright (C) 1997-2004 by the author. Please email rytinwomyn2@aol.com for permission to reprint. Selections will open in a new window.

Ashes, Ashes
Blind Woman
My Travels

Online Collections

A Tori Amos inspired site for rape and sexual abuse survivors.

The Survivors Forum
Support for survivors of child sexual abuse with poetry, a message board and chat.

Favorite Collections

Broken Feather
Broken Feather

Suzanne Stutman takes the reader through an enchanted world of poetry and prose in an intensely personal journey from the buried depths of child abuse through the labyrinth of remembrance to the dawn of adult healing. Stutman is an articulate and candid narrator of her own life, and Broken Feather is ultimately a testimony to the power of the human spirit to heal from the long suppressed wounds of child abuse.

Broken Feather is highly recommended reading for anyone dealing with the problems of overcoming child abuse legacies within themselves or their loved ones.

Poems For Surviving: Breakup, Abuse and Divorce
Poems For Surviving: Breakup, Abuse and Divorce

This book is a collective of poetic "lessons" and testimonies in which the author reveals the agony that most women have shared or will experience at some point in their lives. It addresses heartache, headache and soul searching in simple, but strong verses. It's a poetic rendition on marriage and relationships that modern women will enjoy and identify with. Most importantly, this collection is inspiring for the woman who finds herself in the valley after a bad experience. "Survival" is the underlying theme.

In Cabin Six
In Cabin Six: An Anthology of Poetry by Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

In Cabin Six is a powerful collection of poems written by adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This striking anthology provides the reader with a deeper and more personal understanding of the devastating impact of sexual abuse on men in all areas of their lives.

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Last Updated: March 3, 2011