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Intimate Violence against Women: When Spouses, Partners, or Lovers Attack
by Paula K. Lundberg-Love (Editor), Shelly Marmion (Editor)
In this concise work, a team of writers examines the emotional, physical and sexual abuse of women. They explain the risk factors for becoming a target of "intimate" abuse, including the effects of class and culture on this type of violence. They look at the potential legal issues, and explore effective treatments for recovery. Equally important, they dispel many myths about intimate violence, including the notion that one can identify a potential perpetrator. Most crucially, "Intimate" Violence against Women offers current research, theory and advocacy on this topic, arming the reader to with the knowledge to help herself or others who are being abused. The book presents specific safety recommendations for victims, as well as recommendations for teen-agers regarding dating violence. Legal and advocacy resources are included as well.

Issues in Intimate Violence
by Raquel Kennedy Bergen (Editor)
Designed specifically for undergraduate students, Issues in Intimate Violence provides a comprehensive and accessible anthology that prepares the foundation for understanding a wide range of violence that commonly occurs in families and between intimates. This collection of 22 scholarly yet readable chapters represents a variety of disciplines from both a theoretical and an applied approach. Many articles offer a feminist perspective that addresses the gendered nature of violence and the consequences of power inequality in our society. Created to make learning about intimate violence an accessible and cohesive process, each section is introduced by editor Raquel Kennedy Bergen and concludes with discussion questions.

Violence Between Intimate Partners: Patterns, Causes, and Effects
by Albert P. Cardarelli
Focusing on violence and abuse along the full spectrum of intimate relationships. Covers different- and same-sex couples, from dating and courtship through marriage. This book examines the causes and effects of the violence, current policy issues, and the roles of law enforcement, social services, and the courts. Recommended for freshman/first exposure level or for volunteer education.

Violence in Intimate Relationships: Examining Sociological and Psychological Issues
by Nicky Jackson, Giselé Oates
Violence in Intimate Relationships is an edited volume that provides a thorough overview of abuse in a wide range of situations, including children, elders, husbands, wives, homosexual couples, and dates. Each chapter covers an historical accounting of the problem, legal and operational definitions, prevalence and incidence, empirical correlates of abuse, theoretical explanations of abuse, profiles of abusers and victims, prevention and treatment strategies, and future trends. The editors have skillfully formatted the text so that students can easily compare and contrast the varieties of intimate violence described in each chapter.

Intimate Partner Violence : Societal, Medical, Legal, and Individual Responses
by Sana Loue
It is clear that physical abuse is an integral component of some intimate relationships. This book addresses not the violence but our responses or lack of responses to that violation of personal integrity and the accompanying trauma. How partner violence is responded to, individually and collectively, may well determine whether the violence can be prevented or will cease once begun. This text is intended to serve as a basic resource for the student, clinician and researcher. It provides a summary of how we have responded to such violence in the past and presents potential future directions for research and prevention efforts.