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Male Victims of Elder Abuse

Male Victims of Elder Abuse: Their Experiences and Needs (Violence and Abuse Series)
Author: Jacki Pritchard
ISBN: 1853029998

Adult males in old age may, like older women, be victims of abuse - yet scant attention in either research or service provision reflects this. Drawing on in-depth interviews with eleven older men who have experienced abuse, Jacki Pritchard presents much-needed practical guidance for professionals working with older men. She describes the kind of abuse experienced by the men (including financial abuse, physical and emotional neglect and sexual abuse) and establishes in detail the needs of older male victims of abuse (including having a place of safety, medical care, continuous support from carers, cultural needs and the need to talk about their experiences). She then presents clear guidelines for both the initial assessment of need and for good practice in long-term care. This book will enable all those working with older people better to understand the phenomenon of the abuse of older men and to apply this understanding to effective service provision.

Support Groups for Older People Who Have Been Abused: Beyond Existing (Violence and Abuse)
by Jacki Pritchard
In this thought-provoking book, Jacki Pritchard shows how support groups for victims of elder abuse provide invaluable opportunities for the voices of older people to be heard. Following groups through a two-year period, she discusses how they were set up and the difficulties encountered and overcome, linking these experiences to group work theory. She presents qualitative material alongside guidance for how to undertake practical and therapeutic work with male and female survivors. Presenting the implications of her findings regarding the interplay of child abuse, domestic violence and adult abuse, she highlights the need for professionals to recognise close links between the different types of abuse. Pointing to an important and new area of professional intervention in elder abuse, the author provides clear guidelines about who can benefit from group work and how survivors can heal and work together.

Training Manual for Working With Older People in Residential and Day Care Settings
by Jacki Pritchard
This training manual is designed specifically for residential and day care staff who work with older people. Topics covered in the manual are closely linked to the new requirements for training in social care work as outlined in the TOPSS induction and foundation standards. Each of the chapters contains exercises, case studies, a reading list and a simple discussion of the relevant theory. The key areas covered include: the principles of care, the role of the care worker, the needs of older people, care planning and risk assessment, effective communication and recording, supervision, abuse. The resource's large format, photocopiable materials and jargon-free language make it a rich source of material not only for managers and supervisors in residential and day care settings, but also for training officers and direct trainers. Emphasising experiential learning and designed to draw on the practical experience of the reader or training participant, it is also suitable for self-training and for NVQ coordinators, assessors and candidates.

Strategies for Helping Victims of Elder Mistreatment
Author: Ronald D. Adelman
Who abuses the elderly--and why? How widespread is the problem? Where can victims of elder abuse turn for help? And, what forms of treatment are currently available? After defining the nature and pervasiveness of elder abuse, this practical guide examines: the characteristics of both victims and perpetrators, detection of abuse, risk factors of elder mistreatment, and intervention strategies. Actual case studies of abused individuals are examined, direct testimonies of victims are provided, and comments by professionals in the fields of social work, law, psychology, and nursing are offered. Strategies for Helping Victims of Elder Mistreatment offers practical suggestions for professionals in the fields of mental health, psychology, social work, nursing, family studies, law, and gerontology. In addition, it will serve as a valuable resource for training professionals to detect, assess, and intervene in cases where elder abuse is suspected.

Family Crimes Against the Elderly: Elder Abuse and the Criminal Justice System
Author: Patric Brownell

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Crime Victims With Developmental Disabilities
Author: National Research Council
A report of the National Research Council's Committee on Law and Justice, from the Workshop on Crime Victims with Developmental Disabilities, held October 28-29, 1999, in Irvine, CA. The workshop focused on conceptual issues such as definitions and measurements, the existence of common elements in these crimes, and important topics. Softcover.

Invisible Victims: Crime and Abuse Against People With Learning Disabilities (Paperback) 1853023094

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