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Introduction to Stalking Concepts. This course provides a conceptual overview of the development of stalking both as a behavior and as a crime. Also covers some of the terms and definitions used in understanding and investigating stalking behavior, as well as discussing relational and motivational typologies. An overview of current stalking laws will be provided, with opportunities for students to discuss laws in their particular jurisdictions. It will also cover typical and atypical agency responses to stalking complaints. Although this course focuses on conceptual issues, it also examines basic investigative issues. No graphic material will be covered in this course.

Weekly assignments are used to ensure that participants understand the concepts and application of the materials covered. Students who wish to earn a certificate of completion for completing this course must complete these weekly assignments.

This course is for:

  • Law enforcement officers who investigate stalking or work with stalking victims
  • Private investigators who investigate stalking or work with stalking victims
  • Mental health or social workers who work with stalking victims
  • Students from criminal justice, psychology, criminology, or other forensic areas that have a desire to understand stalkers and stalking behavior
  • Lecturing staff who teach courses wholly or partly covering stalking as a criminal justice problem
  • Any interested others who wish to gain an understanding of the basics of stalking

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Last Updated: May 12, 2011