Who can help you in UK in cases of domestic violence and abuse?

Helping eachother imageIf you have suffered domestic violence or abuse in the United Kingdom, you have to be aware that there are numerous organisations that can help you. They will give relevant advice and valuable information. From this list, you would be able to know which organisation would be best placed to help you out.

Organisations for Women

National Domestic Violence Helpline

This helpline is freely available round the clock and it offers advice cum support to women. It can also refer them to emergency accommodations. It is collaboration between Women’s Aid and Refuge. Women would also have access to translation facilities if their first language does not happen to be English. This Helpline also provides facilities for people who call and who have hearing difficulties.


This is a national helpline that provides support and advice to women who experience domestic violence. Refuse offers emergency accommodation through a vast network of refuge centers throughout the country. It will also offer services that are culturally specific for women from various ethnic and minority communities and cultures. Its website is linked to specialist organisations that deal with refugees.

Women’s Aid

This website offers a vast range of resources to help both women and young children. The website also offers a `Survivor’s Handbook’, giving a large range of information that includes both legal and housing advice. It also includes tips on how to create safety plans for people with specialised housing needs. The handbook is available in eleven languages and in audio format. This helpline runs a website that supports women, teenagers and children who could be living in homes affected by domestic violence or who may be in some violent relationships.

Rights of Women

This organisation provides legal and confidential advice on sexual and domestic violence. They offer information sheets without any charge that may be downloaded from their website, www.rightsofwomen.org.uk.

Organisations for Men

Men’s Advice Line

This is a confidential helpline for men who experience domestic violence by current or ex-partners. These may be men in heterosexual or same sex relationships. This organisation offers emotional support and advice of a practical nature. It gives out details of all specialist services that provide advice on legal, housing, mental health, child contact and other issues.

ManKind Initiative

This is a charity organisation that offers support and information to all men who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse. This includes information and support on police procedures, reporting of incidents, housing, injunctions and benefits. This organisation can refer men to a local authority, refuges or other support services that may be appropriate for them.

Survivors UK Ltd.

This is a helpline that has been created nationally for men who have been victims of sexual abuse or rape. It helps them with counseling and arranges meetings with a support group in the London region.

Everyman Project

This organisation provides counseling to men in London, particularly to those men who would like to change their abusive or violent behaviour towards others. It has a national helpline which provides advice to people who are worried about their abusive and violent behaviour.


This is a national helpline for men who are victims of rape, sexual assault or abuse during their childhood or in their adult life. This helpline also supports their female or male partners and family members.

Organisations for both Women and Men

Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre Helpline

This crisis centre offers a twenty-four hour confidential helpline each day of the year for people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence. This Centre helps both men and women and answers calls from all over the nation. They provide other services such as safe accommodation for both men and women.

Police Domestic Violence Units

There are numerous police units to cover domestic violence. They have staff that is trained specially to help people who are experiencing domestic violence. They work with other organisations like the Women’s Aid and Local Solicitors’ groups. The police station in your locality will be able to guide you to such domestic violence units nearest to you.

National Centre for Domestic Violence

This Centre will help people with protection from their abusers. It offers legal support for free to survivors of domestic violence. It helps people get the necessary injunctions from the local presiding courts.

Rape Crisis

This organisation covers both England and Wales. It has become an umbrella headquarters for all Rape Crisis Centres across United Kingdom. It offers contact details for these centres and provides information about sexual violence and rape for survivors and their family members and friends. It runs a free phone helpline.

Honour Network Helpline

This is a national helpline that is managed by Karma Nirvana Organisation. It is a national charity group that advises victims and survivors of forced marriage cases and all issues of honour-based abuse.

Action on Elder Abuse

This organisation offers confidential information and advice to elderly people that are suffering from abuse or violence. Relatives and friends of the abused person could also contact the helpline of this organisation on behalf of elderly persons. The helpline could also be used in case of old people who live in old-age or care homes or who may be in hospital.

National Stalking Helpline

This helpline provides advice on how to handle any kind of stalking behaviour. It shows people how to report incidents and behaviour of the offenders to the police authorities and what can be expected when something is reported.

Respect Phone Line

This phone helpline provides advice and information to both men and women in heterosexual or same-sex relationships when they want to put an end to their violent behaviour.

Organisations for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People

Broken Rainbow

This organisation offers support for lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people who are currently experiencing domestic violence and abuse.