Medical Negligence Solicitors UK – Hospital and Care Home Abuse Claims

Care Home Negligence SolicitorsUK Care homes are meant to provide the necessary peace of mind that a patient and his family requires. The staff there is trained to offer help and support at all times as well as care for the elderly patients and those who are in need of care. However, there are times when serious neglect may occur on part of the staff or there might be an event when failure to provide medical attention on time occurs in a complicated or exacerbated condition. At times this neglect could be so severe that it may cost a precious life. Many other cases are reported including assaults that could be physical or verbal, bullying, abusing, and cursing. In short, any event that makes you or one of your family members uncomfortable, frightened, or at risk of worsening your disease or even losing your life, comes under hospital and care home abuses. If you or a relative of yours has been neglected or abused in a care home and you do want to make a negligence claim in the United Kingdom then we do recommend that you get free advice through a medical negligence solicitors before making any fast choices. Also make sure that the firm of solicitors that you do use are absolute specialist on medical negligence the reason for this is if they are not specialists it will seriously up the chances of you losing the case so be careful.

Options Available to Care Home Abuse Victims

Just like a person may claim medical negligence that took place anywhere else, such as in a health care facility or government funded hospital, it is possible to file a care home abuse claim if you think you or a loved one have been victims of serious neglect. These claims are meant not just to recover compensation including the charges you might already have given to the people who are running the care home but also recover any loss of earnings and out-of-pocket expenses. These steps are taken to ensure that the victims are duly supported in time of need and that people who were responsible are warned against these types of abuses and cases of neglect so that they do not occur again.

There are two options available to anyone who thinks he or she has been a victim of medical negligence. These include;

  • A medical complaint, and
  • A medical negligence claim

There is a difference between these two options because sometimes a complaint is sufficient for the victim to recover his or her loss of earnings or medical treatment costs. This is a controlled procedure that requires the patient or one of his family members to send in a complaint, which will result in the arrangement of additional services to improve the patient’s quality of life in the care home.

However, when a medical complaint is not adequate to recover the costs of treatment and other expenses in cases of medical negligence and abuse in care homes, a medical negligence claim is required to be filed. While a complaint may be filed without the help of a solicitor, a claim is not possible to be brought without the help of a lawyer who specialises in such cases.

A claim may be successful or unsuccessful depending on your particular circumstances and the ability to come up with sufficient evidence and/or witnesses to support your case. If the claim is successful, you will receive a compensation for the outcomes of medical negligence or abuse, either physical or verbal.

Specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you or a loved one have been a victim of serious neglect in a care home and you have decided to file a claim, you should seek help from a specialist medical negligence solicitor. These solicitors are trained to handle such cases only and they understand that each patient’s circumstances are distinctive. It is their responsibility to ensure that their client is satisfied with the type of case they carry out in order to recover the costs spent on treatment, care, medicines, and other expenses.

Usually the advice and guidance provided by these solicitors initially is free of charge. This advice is kept private and confidential in order to protect the integrity of patients and their families. Legal representation is provided in case the patient wishes to pursue a claim on a no-win-no-fee basis. This means that if the claim is unsuccessful, the client would not have to pay any fee to the solicitor. If, however, the victim decides to pursue a complaint, a totally free of charge step-by-step guidance is provided by these solicitors so that the patient may be able to improve his or her quality of life in a care home.

Free Claim Assessment

Bringing a claim based on medical negligence in care homes calls for a number of steps to be completed before the actual procedure could instigate. Moreover, just like any other claim and legal procedure, these claims require certain fees and dues to be paid to the solicitors. It is therefore recommended to conduct a free claim assessment either online or through phone in order to find out if you are entitled to make an abuse and serious neglect claim. If you fail to provide evidence that shows that the event actually took place due to medical negligence on part of a staff member or a practitioner or caregiver, you would only waste your precious time and money. Free claim assessment is now provided by almost all medical negligence solicitors so get in touch with one of the lawyers and ask for information regarding assessment of your case. This step is optional but is advisable so that you know where you stand before you bring a serious medical negligence claim. If you are not entitled for a claim, you will be given a few alternative options to improve your condition or circumstances.


Solicitors For Medical Negligence UKPatients are put into care homes to receive nourishment and proper care for the condition they are suffering from. If the staff is unable to provide necessary care and nutrition including proper and timely diet, medication, physical and emotional support, and everyday hygiene, one may file a claim against this type of neglect. These claims come under medical negligence and care home abuse claims and they are meant to provide justice to patients and their families. Moreover, these claims can help to raise clinical standards in any type of setting or facility where care is given to the elderly or people suffering from some kind of a medical condition. Also feel free to recognise and report elder abuse in care homes by visiting the link.